Dana White disappointed with how Strikeforce turned out

Saturday, November 24, 2012

“I don’t have anything to do with them” was a common response when reporters wanted to get UFC president Dan White’s take on Strikeforce.

White recently, though, admitted he’s disappointed with how things have turned out for the promotion.

“I am (disappointed),” White told a small group of reporters following the post-even news conference for UFC 154 in Montreal this past week. “I don’t want to talk any s—, though. I could for about four hours. But I won’t. It’s not worth it.”

TMZ recently reported that the Jan. 12 show would be Strikeforce’s last. Zuffa officials have not confirmed that, and White stopped short of confirming it as well.

He simply reiterated that he always had been hopeful of what Zuffa might be able to do with Strikeforce, and disappointment with how things have transpired down the stretch with the pair of cancellations.

“Yeah, I was excited,” White said. “You guys know that. I was really excited about it.”

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