Dana White happy Nate Quarry getting opportunity at Spike

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Attention UG re: Nate Quarry’s new job w/SpikeTV

From: CindyO
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I talked to DW earlier tonight and Nate Quarry’s new job with Spike came up. I asked him how he felt about it, and asked if it was true the reason Nate retired on-air recently was because (according to a UG thread) he knew he’d never get back in the UFC due to his new job and the perceived bad-blood with SpikeTV.

DW started laughing and asked if I was serious. I couldn’t recall which poster made the initial comment above as well as one about Mike Straka possibly losing his credentials for being Nate’s sidekick (lol), but I assured him I was. He said both “rumors” are BS and asked me to post a quote for him on the UG to clear this up because he’s slammed tonight and might not get a chance to login:

“Everyone at the UFC loves Nate and are VERY happy for him getting this opportunity on Spike. If anyone deserves it, it’s Nate!! And I like Straka!!!”


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