Dana White makes a little girl’s New Years

Thursday, January 03, 2013

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I’m at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with my girlfriend and another couple, MMAInterviews’ Spencer Lazara and his girl, and sure enough, Dana White walks by with a couple of friends.

We said what’s up for a minute and proceeded the opposite way to get our drinks. . .

As we walked into the ballroom of the Cosmo where the concert was taking place, we realized we had shown up a bit late, and the crowd was packed like a can of sardines. Fights were breaking out everywhere, as people were getting fed up with being pushed and elbowed, awaiting the show to begin. I, personally, can’t stand that s—. You’re in public, act like a civilized human being. Maybe it’s just my “peace, love, and weed” mentality, but I can’t stand you overly aggressive douche bags that get too drunk in public and try to fight everyone… You know who you are…

Anyway… we made our way along a wall next to one of the VIP section where there was plenty of security and settled down, and I’m sure you could probably guess who came and filled that VIP section we were standing next to…

Dana, along with a few friends, by far, had the best seats in the house, elevated above the rest, just enough to see over everyone’s head and get a clear view of the stage, but low enough to still feel like you’re part of the crowd.

Spencer Lazara called Dana over for a quick chat and said, “You know Layzie…”

“Fuck ya! What’s up brother?! Happy new year!” he said.

I told him I was pumped for Ronda’s fight in So Cal, and that I hate to break it to him, but Nick is going to spoil GSP vs Anderson Silva. He responded with, “Then we do Diaz vs Silva!” and threw his hands up and smiled, as if to say, it’s a win win. I laughed as the lights dimmed and told him, “Enjoy the show tonight, have fun, and stay away from TMZ!” He laughed and told us Happy New Year once again as the roadies came out to make sure everything was set up for the band, the crowd got even more rowdy, and the pushing and shoving became even more annoying.

Then the RHCP came out, and it was beyond insane. I could barely enjoy myself or pay attention to the show, as I shielded my 5’3”, 95lb gilfriend from the drunk f—s with no consideration for those around them…

That’s when I started to notice a little girl, probaby around 10 years old, standing, basically getting shoved into everyone’s ass and crotch with each guitar strum. The girl’s mom leans over to me and yells, “Tell Dana White, let my little girl come watch the show with him!”

I felt really bad for the little girl, who had no business being there in the first place, so I escorted the woman over to Dana, and I s— you not… the SECOND the woman said, “Can my little girl-…” Dana was already saying yes. He spotted the girl, and told her to come over to the vip section before the woman could even finish. So, the girl comes over, climps over the security rail, and DW puts her in the best seat in the house, gives her a high 5 and a big smile and said something nice. You can see it in the girls face, she was on cloud nine, but I think she was still in shock from nearly being trampled, and could probably barely believe she made it out alive.

Meanwhile, “RHCP #1 Fans”, were having their own mini mosh pit directly in front of us, to the point of having to shield our girlfriends from elbows, flailing bodies, flying drinks and whipping hair. So… f——… annoying…

The song ends, and for a breif moment, there’s an opportunity to have a conversation… Dana calls over to my girlfriend and asks to get the woman’s attention and says, “Do you guys want to come up here?”

The Lady responded by saying she was with 5 other people.

“I don’t give a f—” Dana responded with a laugh and huge smile, waving them all to come up and keep the little girl company so that she could enjoy the show with her family, safely.

As I was watching this girl have the time of her life, interacting with Dana in the VIP section, a lady, probably around 60 years old, trys to pummle thru the crowd, like a running back hitting the gap. I s— you not, this lady could’ve played for the Raiders ( at least this year ). I see her bull rushing, right towards my girlfriend and I, who both have our hands full of drinks, she gets right up next to use and says, “MOVE!” I looked around, and tried to explain to the old hag that there was no place for her to go, as I was up against a wall… Without even examining it for herself, she looked at me dead in the eye, pointed her finger in my face and screamed, “F— YOU!… F— YOU… F—ER!” (to the point where her voice cracked) My circle of friends and I laughed as she walked the other way giving me the finger. This chick looked exactly like Nick Diaz 2nd grade school teacher from the Primetime series, with the glasses and everything. F—— hilarious.

Back to the original point of the story… The ViP section is now packed, and Dana could care less… He was having a great time, and so was that family. On top of all this… After the concert, he took the entire family backstage to meet the band.


Imagine that being you and your family for a second…

Be thankful for Dana White, because there could easily be a no good, piece of s—, scum bag, like Bob Arum running the UFC. You don’t ever hear any feel good stories about that guy.

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