Dana White pointedly disagreed with NSAC marijuana policy in Feb

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

At UFC 159 Pat Healy was awarded a total of $130,000 in performance bonuses, for Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. It is company policy to hold bonuses pending drug tests, and Healy’s came back positive for marijuana.

The bout was changed to No Contest, and he forfeited the 130k, with 65k of it going to Brian Caraway.

While UFC president Dana White is duty bound to follow the rules, he made his feelings clear on the subject back in Feb when Julio Cezar Chave jr was fined $900,000 after testing positive for marijuana.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Chavez Jr was fined 900k by the NSAC for testing pos for marijuana!! The NSAC has officially lost its mind!