Dana White refutes online rumors

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Over the past several months, UG member Hammers Hamill has posted some startlingly accurate predictions and news. His latest post touched on Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett, among other compelling topcis.

This time, UFC President Dana White came on the UG and impugned the screen name’s veracity.

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LOL LITERALLY EVERYTHING THIS GUY SAID IS BS! We talked to GG after i interviewed with ariel. We are not even close to a deal with allistar but we are working on it. Brock is NOWHERE near the end of his contract and isnt waiting for any medical reports. We have no fights on  the table for Machida or Rich. Everything he says about strikeforce and showtime is not true and the same with the TV negotiations other than the rumors that have been spread and most people have already heard. He’s not too far off on the last paragraph but any of you could have figured that out and i have said in 50 interviews that we have never been this busy!

Dave Meltzer’s Aug 16 Observer Radio show also covered the topic, titling it “MMA board Dave mystery.”

Meltzer said he heard about Brock getting diverticulitis several days before the event. The source in question, he said, was “someone that nobody would know.” The person was NOT involved in the business.

Meltzer decided not to break the news, because he needed a second source. To his surprise, Hammer Hamill posted that “Meltzer and Ariel Helwani know” which shocked him because he was wondering how the hell the guy knew that Dave knew, given that he didn’t talk to anyone about it.

Meltzer said he could ask Helwani if he knows who it is, than half-joked that maybe it’s Helwani.

The discussion turned to whether Dana White could be Hammers Hamill. Meltzer reiterated he never discussed it with anyone, so if Dana knew Meltzer knew, it was a lucky guess.

Meanwhile, Bryan Alvarez (his co-writer) believes it probably is Dana trolling on the internet.

So who is Hammers Hammil? An internet troll.carefully following the rumors thrown up by, well, internet trolls? A well placed anonymous source in a position of industry influence? Or, perhaps, is Hammers Hamill actually Nostradamus, returned from the grave in zombie form?