Dana White’s wild weeks on twitter

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For the past week or two UFC President Dana White has been a little south-east of Nome, which afforded regular opportunities to interact with the fans on Twitter even more than usual.

While long, the piece below illustrates why White is the most followed man in MMA.

Matt Phillips ‏ @MattPhillips22
someone saw our convo and posted it on the UG when you said you’d come on. haha http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/vault/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=1982619&page=1

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
I know, sorry I just don’t have any info yet

Todd Atkins ‏ @ToddAtkins2
@FrontRowBrian @danawhite He is also scared to answer the tough questions on twitter ; )

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
ya I’m scared of all the real tough questions on twitter.

Todd Atkins ‏ @ToddAtkins2
so why is Askren boring?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
that’s the tough twitter question!? Lol

JDS vs. ?

Brady Dane ‏ @brady_dane
Any timeframe for what’s going on with the Dos Santos fight?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
workin on it bro. Huge fucking pain in my ass but we will get it fixed.

Guy de Peso ‏ @gspufc2011
Whats the % that JDS doesn’t fight at UFC 146?? Really down that Overeem fuked his true fans like myself. I don’t C Hunt/JDS!!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
he will fight 100%

Nolan Howell ‏ @nth993
@UFC_JoeSilva is on Twitter. Tell your followers to ask him about #RallyForMarkHunt and @markhunt1974’s title shot!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
he is not the real Joe silva. Joe is not on twitter

Mr. Chuff ‏ @chuffy86
sick of people rallying for mark hunt. For ppl who think he deserves a shot over Frank Mir are idiots. Hunt won’t sell PPVs.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
Werdum is ahead of Hunt too

Benji ‏ @nukethebridge
explain why Mark Hunt wont get a title shot makes you wonder how Brock got a title shot so soon #bullshit

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
didnt say he won’t. There are guys ranked ahead of him.

Tim McConaha ‏ @Timmay777
@ShaneCarwin next fight should be JDS, if Overeem is out. Got screwed in the Brock fight. Give Shane another shot at the title @danawhite

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
Shane is injured

Kelly Slater ‏ @kellyslater
who gets the title shot Kelly interested to see who you think” I’m guessing Mir makes most sense.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite


Mike Allen ‏ @mikeftallen
#UFC sponsoring their own fighters and @danawhite publicly placing bets on fighters. #theremaybetroubleahead

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
what fight did I bet on dummy?

Mike Allen ‏ @mikeftallen
@danawhite http://www.cagepotato.com/jon-jones-will-be-officially-sponsored-by-the-ufc-against-rashad-evans/…punk!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
thanks for sending me that. That is a fucking lie and I am going after those mother fuckers!!!!

Mike Allen ‏ @mikeftallen
your welcome my friend. So I’m not a dummy after all! 🙂

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
no ur not and I apologize

Alex P. ‏ @Alex_Newfie
saw u were mad at CagePotato for the “betting on Jon Jones” thing, but it was an obvious joke no fan should of taken it seriously

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
well they are NOT going to like the “joke” that is coming their way!!!

Ben Askren

thefightweek ‏ @thefightweek
@Benaskren says @danawhite is a bold face liar for saying the #UFC doesn’t have the resources for random drug tests http://sbn.to/IxI5UL

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@benaskren when ambien can’t sleep it takes Ben Askren. The most boring fighter in MMA history. I would rather watch flys fuck

???? ‏ @silent_brian
like fitch? Oh and that one guy GSP… Atleast askren is constantly improving position and moving not dry humping

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
Ben makes Fitch look like Wanderlei Silva!!!

joshuah chalfant ‏ @joshuahchalfant
maybe TODAY! Lol but not when Fitch was fightin Jorge ortiz, Mike seal & such he calls u a liar u say he’s boring #FairGame

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
we both have opinions

Nick Yidiaris ‏ @NYid07
Ambien is a pill, ambien doesn’t sleep, this is just silly. False premise, @danawhite.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
what are u a scientist or do u just have no sense of humor?

Lee Frampton ‏ @frampton337
did you really steal the ‘ambien joke’ from @billmaher and try to pass it off as your own? Unreal!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
I am a HUGE Bill Maher fan lol and yes i did

Lee Frampton ‏ @frampton337
so now you can’t ensure your fighters are clean? Too big of a task? Clean up your fuckin sport man! This is ridiculous!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
STFU Peter Frampton

sweeper ‏ @thedogyup
So ben askren makes an intelligent criticism and thats your response, leave da business of ufc to lorenzo and celebrity side 2 u!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
you have one follower. Tell ur mom thanks for the follow and mind ur own fuckin business.

sweeper ‏ @thedogyup
Hah….. Its way too easy to get you going, oh and when you going fightin the internet.(YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT) #WHATANEGOMANIAC

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
oh u all butt hurt now? Stay off twitter if you talk shit but can’t take it when I talk back puss.

Ben Askren ‏ @Benaskren
glad you know my name now. Before I was just the bushy haired wrestler.

Jake Swivel ‏ @JakeSwivel
You have to wonder if one pithy tweet is worth seriously damaging your career prospects. Go with a rape joke next!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
he didn’t damage his career. He is entitled to his opinion. He doesn’t know WTF he is talkin about tho.


Blue ‏ @AnthonyLino
do you think it’s fair attack the entire “MMA” community and try to just keep the “ufc” as the only MMA on the planet?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
quit cryin u puss

Blue Blue ‏ @AnthonyLino
 I just think it’s bad form to go after and try to put everyone else out of business

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
who am I “trying” to put out of biz? U think people don’t “try” to put me out of biz? U guys are so naive. I battle everyday

Blue ‏ @AnthonyLino
I would never want you out of business. I love the ufc but you come off very vicious and on the offensive against everyone

Dana White Dana White ‏ @danawhite
 am vicious. I would not disagree with u.

Dr. Johnny Benjamin wants to solve PED problem

Dr. Johnny Benjamin ‏ @DrJCBenjamin
Why am I an idiot?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
you must have been attached to a tweet where the tweeter was an idiot.

Dr. Johnny Benjamin ‏ @DrJCBenjamin
So I was attached to an idiot. LOL got it. Is there any place in the US where I can fly to meet you to discuss a solution to PED?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
meet me in Atlanta

Dr. Johnny Benjamin ‏ @DrJCBenjamin
Are you serious?? if so give me a date and time and I’m there!!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
I fly in late Friday after I film TUF

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
or just come to Vegas this week.

General interaction

Renzo_Gracie_BJJ ‏ @RenzoGracieBJJ
my brother my Black cat disappear after you came to my house, have you seen him? 

Dana White ‏ @danawhite

Sherif Al-Qaabil ‏ @Sswagright
I think @danawhite favorite word is “Fuck” or a variation of that word.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
fuckin right

Ricky Ravelo ‏ @rickyravelo
say something man i want to show my dad you talked to me on twitter, he knows u r my idol!!!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
what’s up Rickey

Adriana Soares ‏ @A_SilvaSoares
You do not tell me hello .. I think I’ll cry! =(

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
hi Adriana 🙂

Tapology ‏ @tapology
We checked – longest UFC layoff since mid-2007. Please don’t do that to us again, we’re starving for Octagon action.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
that’s interesting

Brian ‏ @LiqMiquchi
Hey Dana, I met KingMo last wk and the guy is really a good dude, and was resentful over his NSAC comments. Hopefully reconsider.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
I agree he is a very good dude

sporty girls ‏ @Sporty_Chicks
I don’t understand why you don’t reply to me when I ask you questions. Who cares what I do for a living, I am a fan.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
what do u do for a living?

Liam Butler ‏ @Lum_94
how do u feel about Lesnars return to the wwe?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
happy for him

Pand Pand ‏ @ByronValle
I have Pride DVDs where you’re commenting about how you bet on Chuck to win the MWGP. It was some ballbusting, your favorite.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
I had a bet with Prez of Pride that if Chuck fought Wandy that Chuck would win. They didn’t fight, rampage beat him.

Not the real Herbie ‏ @Evil_Herbie
Please stop telling me about the ultimate fighter @danawhite, I don’t give a shit

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
then don’t follow me Fuckhead

Mark The Hurt ‏ @marksc78
I guess the only way to get a RT is to say F— YOU Dana. I really don’t mean it though. You rock DW

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
lol thanks bro

Ibrahim ‏ @Ibra923
you suck

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
you do too

Reaney ‏ @reaneyrfc
TUF Is terrible now

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
don’t watch it. Problem solved!!! If u need anything else let me know

dj lee macdonald ‏ @djleemacdonald
Reading your tweets to haters on here makes u and the UFC look bad.Why waste ur energy?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
because it’s fun and I enjoy twitter. I love busting balls. How does the UFC “look bad” don’t like it? Don’t read it.

Fergal ‏ @FergalMcGorman
I’ve got the UFC ringtones on my iPhone, any chance you could make the pride theme music available as a ringtone?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
will work on it

Huck Pollack ‏ @Huck_The_Doctor
Congrats on reaching 2 million followers! You are the man! I love what you have done to the sport!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
thanks Huck

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