Dangerous reffing in unregulated MMA bout

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bryan “The Lion” McVea vs. Julian Walters
FarmersMarket OKC
Dec 10,2010

At the 11:30 mark a boxing referee brought in for an unregulated MMA bout takes an unconscionably long time to stop the match.

Below, a leading Oklahoma promoter provides further details

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I’ve been producing Combat MartialArts in Oklahoma since 1977.  My companies currently produce 16 shows a year in Oklahoma, and in 35 years we have never had a bad injury of any kind.  But that’s not the case everywhere in Oklahoma, some Native casinos allow unregulated events where you can have a veterinarian as a ring physician and a plumber for a referee. This has got to stop. 

There’s no room for “experiments” like Tri-combat, or unregulated amateur boxing and kickboxing events, or unregulated MMA at casinos. C-3, it’s time to do the right thing.  Pay the $5,000 per event it takes to  regulate your events.  That will also keep fighters frombeing suspended 60 days everytime they fight for you.