Danzig: ‘I’m not going out easy’

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Llightweight Mac Danzig, 33, has been in the UFC for over six years. He started off with a five-fight win streak (including TUF exhibition bouts), but then lost three in a row. He was coming off a terrific streak, and was not cut. Danzig then alternated wins with losses his next five fights, but now is on a two fight losing streak.

Saturday he fights Joe Lauzon on the main card of UFC on FOX 9. A loss would likely mean release from the UFC. However, in an interview with fiveouncesofpain.com, Danzig said he is still looking for the perfect fight.

“After dedicating myself and putting so much time into this sport, it’s a little bit scary to step away when you don’t necessarily have a secure back-up plan. I have a whole lot of different things that I’m interested in and that I like doing – I like teaching, I like coaching, I like photography, I like making films and video, and I’m a big advocate of plant-based diets, so there’s that… With a daughter to support, fighting is really what pays the bills right now.”

“I’ve never put out a boring fight, and I never plan on it, and I think that’s why I still have my spot with the company and why they know that I’m always game to fight whoever. Lauzon is very similar… he puts it all on the line, and he’s fought some really tough guys, always steps up. The great thing about Lauzon – and I think I’m kind of the same – he’ll seize the opportunities to finish in any way possible, and that’s what makes those Fight of the Night performances… He’s not a point fighter. He’s going in for the kill, and I think I’m the same… it’s just going to come down to who wants it more.”

“I don’t want to take permanent damage though, and that is a very real thing. This is what we all sign up for – this sport is dangerous; it’s a lot safer than other sports, but we’re still knocking each other out. That takes a toll on your body. My heart is still in it 100 percent, but I want to make sure that when I’m 65, I’m sharp and I don’t have any kind of problems with my memory. I want to be running marathons and with it in my 60s; that’s the main thing. (However), if this is my last fight, you better believe I’m not going out easy.”

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