Datsik in police custody in Norway

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Datsik tries to immigrate to Norway, gets arrested, hands over a loaded gun to police and we have it all on video.


Datsik apprehended by norwegian police when he turned himself in at a police station in oslo last night. The guy is seeking asylum in norway since he feels that he is persecuted for being a neo-nazi.

He was adamant when talking to the press that he was a racist. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a swastika on it when talking to the biggest newspaper in norway..

When he turned himself in to the police to seek asylum he also handed in a loaded handgun.

Prior to this his friends had sent a press release to the bigger news channels in norway where they explained that Datsik was a racist and a nazi and wanted to seek asylum since he felt persecuted for his beliefs.

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