Davis: Magalhaes ‘not on my level’

Monday, February 04, 2013

Davis seems to recognize the disparity between the two. “If I say simply, ‘he’s not on my level, he doesn’t deserve to be fighting me,’ I feel like that sounds worse than it actually is,” Davis said. “It almost sounds like I’m talking about his character as a person rather than his fighting skills, so, I’m going to word it a little differently and say what he’s done in the UFC, which is one win, I guess you can count his old two losses, doesn’t really warrant him a fight with me. But, you know, I don’t do matchmaking, that’s entirely up to Joe Silva, he’s a genius, I’m just going to go with what he says. I don’t question him. The man knows what he’s doing.”

But that doesn’t mean Davis won’t be motivated for the fight when the Octagon gate locks.

“I’m up for every fight,” Davis said. “My only hope is, I hope the evening of April 27, when he gets back to his hotel room, I hope he doesn’t think to himself, what did I do this for? Why did I call this man out, it doesn’t make any sense? I could have fought somebody who wasn’t top ten, I could have fought someone who wasn’t top five, I could have fought somebody I could have beat and came home without two black eyes and a bruised ego. Why did I call this guy out? I hope he doesn’t say that, but most likely he will.”

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