Davis: Only losers use PEDs

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's been a much-talked about subject since testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) exemptions have been eliminated from (most of) the sport, but the drug problem is still alive and well, according to blockbuster mega-stars like Georges St-Pierre.

Davis reiterated his stance on the subject, making sure it's clear that he will never use anything to get an edge, and that PEDs are for losers.

“I have no reason to use PEDs. Guys who use PEDs have to first admit one thing to (themselves), 'I am not good enough to win on my own, therefore I need to take something and that's all the mental edge I need.' You're not good enough to hang in there with me. I'm taking absolutely nothing. I don't even have a strict diet. If you think you have to go in there and take PEDs to stay competitive and win, I've already won, because you're not good enough.”

That's some real talk.

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