DeRay Davis speaks out on canceled StrikeForce fight

Friday, November 13, 2009 As many of us already know by now, you were scheduled to fight Mark Miller at StrikeForce: ‘Fedor vs. Rogers’, but your fight was mysteriously canceled. Can you tell us why, specifically, the fight was canceled?

DeRay Davis: From what I was told the fight was canceled due to time constraints. The commissioner told us that the female fight (Coenen vs. Modafferi) was pushed before us. I waited and started warming up. The women’s fight only lasted about a minute. Then when I was getting ready to walk out I was told that we were going on after the main event (Fedor vs. Rogers).  At this time, I was getting irritated and frustrated from constantly waiting. After the main event happened, we got ready to walk out, and I heard over the walkie-talkie “Tell both fighters they’ll get paid. The fights are over”. There have been reports circulating on the Internet that both you and Mark Miller were paid the “appearance fee” and “win bonuses”. Can you confirm this?

DeRay Davis: At first, we got our appearance fee only. They told us we weren’t going to get the win bonus, and we should be happy to get the appearance fee. My mentor called me a few days ago and told me that both Miller and I would get the win bonus. There were also reports claiming that sponsorships may have been lost by you or Miller. Did you lose any sponsorships as a result of the cancellation?

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