Despite diapers, Lawlor taking 154 seriously

Friday, November 16, 2012

“This is a chance for me to go out there and show that I belong in the upper echelon of guys in the UFC at middleweight,” Lawlor (8-4 MMA, 4-3 UFC) said afterward on a platform set up at the New City Gas dance club in Montreal. “Barring a few mistakes or bumps in the road I’ve had along the way, I feel great about this fight, and I feel like this is my time to shine, not his.”

Lawlor said this while still wearing his Sumo bottom, which was actually a pair of Depends he purchased the day before in Montreal. A partially soiled pair of Depends, he said, as the store where he had bought them didn’t have a bathroom.


Petruzelli, though, bristled at the thought that either of them isn’t deeply invested in the outcome of Saturday’s fight, which serves on the FX-televised portion of the pay-per-view event at Montreal’s Bell Centre.

“Look, our records stand for themselves,” he said. “He’s winning fights; I’m winning my last couple of fights. Just because we like to have fun and goof off doesn’t mean we’re not serious about fighting. There’s so much seriousness and testosterone going around. It eases the stress a little bit doing this stuff.”

And Lawlor was serious about Carmont, who’s won his past three fights.

“In his three performances so far in the UFC, he’s looked impressive,” he said. “I have more UFC wins than he has UFC fights. So I have more impressive performances than he does in the UFC. So how come nobody’s asking me about that?

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