Diaz: MMA scoring ‘a$$ backwards’

Saturday, June 22, 2013

BloodyElbow’s Dallas Winston conducted a terrific interview with (sort of) retired welterweight Nick Diaz on the currrent state of MMA judging.

“It’s all geared toward this certain scoring criteria that’s really ass-backwards,” said Diaz.

“Spastic movements are made on account of a lack of technical aspects, so some fighters try to make up for this lacking technical aspect with some sort of frantic, spastic movement. And they’re awarding points for more of that stuff. They spazz out, all over the f@$%ing place. And, all of a sudden, at the end of the fight, you realize … Hector Lombard lost [to Tim Boetsch]? What the f@$% is that? He landed all the clean shots and stood his ground. That dude had to bounce around and move around all over the place. Frantically!”

“When I fought Sean Sherk, he threw punches in the air and moved around a little more than I did. He threw combinations that weren’t even landing or doing any damage. [MMA judges] don’t know what they’re doing out there, and I’ve proven it. I’ve f@$%ing proven it, over and over again.”

However, Diaz does not plan to immediately address the issue. Diaz’s attorney Jonathan Tweedale explains.

“It makes no sense as a promotion that hasn’t even had an event to go to the commission and say ‘we think we have an idea here that will improve the sport’ and request to use different scoring criteria,” said Tweedale. “It would be presumptuous, and almost disrespectful, to approach the CSAC at this stage. Instead, we’d like to build credibility with the commission and establish a good track record first.”

“Referees are good enough right now so that, if you’re just holding your opponent down and not trying to advance position, inflict damage with heavy strikes or attempt submissions, they’re going to stand it up. But when you introduce elbows on the ground, it doesn’t take much for the referee to deem that as sufficient enough to let them keep going.”

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So what do you think UG? How bad a problem is judging in MMA? And what is the solution?