Diaz camp request additional info. about UFC 158 drug testing

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ealier today the commission that oversees mixed martia arts in Montreal released that six athletes were tested for drugs of abuse and performancing enhancing drugs at UFC 158. The names of the athletes tested remained confidential, but a representative for the Diaz camp revelead that his fighter was tested and what they plan to do now:

Jonathan Tweedale, a representative of Nick Diaz’s camp, however, revealed to MMAWeekly.com that Diaz was one of the six.

Not only did Tweedale confirm that Diaz was tested and produced negative results, but added that Diaz’s camp is requesting further information from the Quebec commission.

Mr. Diaz’s sample tested negative. We have now requested from the Quebec Commission (the Regie):

1) A copy of the Regie’s request to the laboratory specifying which substances the lab was asked to test the sample for (if any), and

2) A copy of any documents received from the lab conducting the drug testing showing the precise test results for Mr. Diaz for all substances the sample was actually tested for.

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