Diaz camp responds to BJ Penn

Friday, January 06, 2012

Following his UFC 137 to Nick Diaz BJ Penn announced his retirement. Things appear to have changed. BJ called out Diaz on twitter accusing him of being a fence-holding, Jon Fitch like, coward, poser, homie.

Now the Diaz camp as responded, via GracieFighter.com

Say It Ain’t So BJ…

BJ Penn has apparently not come to terms with the beating he received at the hands of Nick Diaz.

At some point it is up to those around you to protect you from yourself. To take you aside and let you know you are wrong and help save you from your folly. Unfortunately for Penn he is surrounded by “Yes Men” that are unwilling to do that. The outcome will be predictable, resulting in a fighter that will never push himself to the fullest and will always have excuses for his losses.