Diaz reacts to Shogun having to strip during carjacking

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

UFC light heavyweight Maurico “Shogun” Rua was recently carjacked in Brazil by four men armed with rifles.

A TMZ-type “reporter” caught with retired UFC welterweight Nick Diaz, who was enjoying himself on a Saturday night, and asked him about it. Shogun reportedly had to strip to his underwear, which took Diaz aback.

“That's f—ed up,” said Diaz accurately. “Hey that's in Brazil though. If we were here, you'd probably have to shoot me.”

The surprised reporter would only muster a “really…”

Diaz jovially pantomimed a man point a gun and said “'Take your clothes off bitch.' I'm like you better slap me til I cry. You ever see that movie where they take that guy and give give him slaps – pow, pow – and then he's like 'oh oh' after a while starts crying. This is the kind of scenario he was in.

“So I'm like 'hey, you might as well shoot me. Or you better start slapping me until I take my f—ing clothes off.”

“I'm not hating, that's f—ed up. He's on some real s—. They put a gun to your forehead and rob you to your face like that. I won't go to Mexico, I won't go to Brazil. I hear too much stories. Its all good.”