Did Miller not Rousey deserve to win Submission of the Night?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ronda Rousey was not just a -700 favorite to beat Miesha Tate, she was a -300 favorite to win by armbar.

When she did, were you shocked? Was anyone?

However, a little earlier on the card, Jim Miller beat 3rd degree Royler Gracie BJJ black belt Fabricio Camoes by Rubber Guard attempt into armbar.

You were shocked.

When the Submission of the Night performance bonus was awarded later in the evening, there were only two contenders, and many were disappointed when it went to Rousey over Miller.

Further, the usual $50,000 award was upped to $75,000, and Rousey was awarded Fight of the Night honors as well. So the highly compensated Rousey got an extra $150,000 for her 8th fight, while Miller made something around 40/40 for his 27th.


What do you think? Did Jim Miller deserve to win his fourth Submission of the Night on Saturday?