Din Thomas to debut MMA scouting service

Friday, January 03, 2014

Din Thomas just one day into his announced retirement from fighting has started up an MMA scouting company, in partnership fellow fighter Roli Delgado.

“We started a project called MMA Scouting Report,” said Din to MMAFighting. “So basically we’re scouting fighters for other fighters if they’ve got a fight coming up. I’d scout guys and I’m thinking, ‘how would I fight this guy?’ And I’m thinking of all the things I’d need to do to beat these guys. Ten years ago I was like, yeah, keep that jab popping, use that movement, so on and so forth. But as I’m scouting guys I was like, man, there’s no way I can physically do this for three rounds.”

“What we’re trying to do is what Mike Dolce does with dieting, only we want to do it for guys who have fights coming up. I just help guys out and give them an advantage if they want it.”

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