Does Herrig’s attitude help or hurt WMMA?

Monday, January 14, 2013

While its popularity may not be in question, how the fighters are marketing themselves does raise some eye brows. While some fighters would market their abilities in the ring, MMA star Felice Herrig seems to have no problem with flaunting her ability, her body in this case, to get ahead in the MMA. Herrig’s attitude may help her to move up in the sport but does it ultimately help or hurt how women are viewed upon in female sports?

When competing in a sport, the goal is to win. The more wins a person or team accumulates, the higher in status you climb until reaching the ultimate goal; being number one. However, people like Felice feel that you also need to be marketable in order to be successful.

She said that “In female sports especially it’s about how marketable you are and I’m not going to hide who I am.”  For her, this means knowing she has more than an attractive body and flaunting it to help her become more successful in the MMA.  Yet, the 28 year-old knows that this approach could cause more harm than good.

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