Does Ryan Bader really have a glass jaw?

Thursday, December 05, 2013

The term ‘glass-jaw’ is thrown around a lot in MMA, and sometimes it’s true and sometimes maybe it isn’t, but getting fighters that have been knocked out a few times often get labeled that way.

But maybe they don’t have a glass jaw, maybe they just have a bad style that makes them get hit too often. B/R writer and UGer Jack Slack takes a look at this phenomenom and in particular how it applies to UFC lighty heavyweight Ryan Bader:

Let’s talk about chins.

We all have one; it’s on the front of your head. It drops down when you need to stuff something into your mouth. Sometimes, hair grows out of it, and when you shave it for that big date, you gouge a chasm into it. Other times you dribble mustard down it, and occasionally you fall asleep while resting it on your palm and leave a big handprint on your cheek for an hour.

If you’re self-conscious about that kind of thing, be glad you’re not a fighter.

Nothing is more critiqued in the fight game than your chin. If you can’t take a good shot on the chin, everyone is going to be waiting until you lose, so they can tell their friends, “I told you so.”

I am willing to bet that this site has had at least five lists about the best and worst chins in MMA just this year.

Few men in the UFC have had their chin questioned quite as much as Ryan Bader has. Today, we’re going to talk about why he seems to have trouble taking punches, and we will muse on the idea of “chin” in general.

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