Dolce: Belfort doing brilliantly, could be ready to fight in 30 days

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Famed MMA nutritionist and S&C coach Mike Dolce recently conducted an extended interview with the UG Blog's Jonathan Shrager. Dolce detailed Vitor Belfort's progress as he transitions off TRT ahead of his fight with Chris Weidman, which will take place in early 2015.

Among the casual fans there is a belief that testosterone and other PEDs allow athletes to magically grow. In fact, what it does is allow the fighter to train more, and recover faster. It allows for more hard work, rather than less. Thus a central part of Dolce's effort is monitoring Belfort's rest and recovery.

“[Vitor Belfort] is doing brilliantly right now,” said Dolce as transcribed by David St. Martin. “He's ready. He could fight within four weeks if he had to.”

“This is a man who makes sacrifices to be at his very best. I love the fact that he's off the TRT program just to get that out of his conversation, but the diet, the meal plan, it doesn't change that much.

“Every three weeks we update our meal plan because the body changes so we have to react to the body. It's just a matter of constantly reacting to the body, monitoring his blood work, monitoring his health, monitoring training output. Making sure we really balance the volume and the intensity. Give him enough rest and recuperation, which is probably the most important thing. Not so much the nutrition, but it's the rest and recuperation for the athletes that are transitioning off it.”

Dolce also discussed another client, the recently retired Chael Sonnen.

“What Chael's hoping for is to regain the trust and the respect of the public,” said Dolce. “He's not concerned about his paycheck. He's a hard-working guy. He's capable.

“What he wants to do is be a part of the industry that he loves and that he helped build to a large degree. He's been a focal point in this industry for the last five years. He just wants to get back and contribute something. I know in his heart, he's such a good guy. That'll shine through. He has to pay his penance, but I think in some way, shape or form that Chael's going to contribute in a very positive manner to the sport and to the world.”

Dolce also discussed where he could get Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, but that's another story 🙂