Dolce: Cormier could fight at 185, with little loss of performance

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nutrition guru Mike Dolce appeared recently on MMAJunkie Radio, and discussed his client, top UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier. When Cormier was the captain of the US Olympic team in 2008, he nearly died trying to make 211, and dropped out of the event. When Cormier came to the UFC it was at heavyweight. With Dolce's consultation, Cormier has safely dropped to 205.

Now Dolce says Cormier could make 185, with little loss of performance.

“If think if he keeps living the lifestyle that he keeps now, takes more of my advice, a closer approach with me to help him modify that, if he wants to, he’ll be able to weigh in at 185 to compete very close to what he competes at as a light heavyweight,” said Dolce as transcribed by Steven Marrocco for MMAJunkie.

“He would gain strength, he would gain speed, and he would gain durability. Look at the photos of him when he weighed in at 205. Look at that body, and you can see he’s not nearly as ripped as he could be. Where you don’t see the definition, all that is additional weight that’s non-functional. So we can get rid of that, get him very close, and that’s even before the dehydration sets in.”

Dolce came on the UnderGround and offered clarification on the quotes.

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Hey guys,

Those comments were taken out of a two hour interview, where I said Cormier did not need to drop to 185 and that he could win the title at HWT, 205 or 185…if he decides to do so.

He has the options.

In the interview, I said if he continued living a full-time, healthy life and continued reducing his non-functional body mass, he could be in range of middleweight, who normally spend their off-seasons in the 215-220 lbs. range.

I also said, this could take up to two years, if he wanted to. So no crash dieting or extreme weight-cuts.

This was a small piece of a larger conversation discussing hypotheticals about other athletes changing weight classes. They also asked me if Uriah Faber could / should drop to 125, in my opinion, and I said no, it would't appear very healthy for a guy as lean as Faber.

I understand headlines are sexy and get people talking but context is everything.

DC is fine exactly where he is.