Dolce: Sonnen walks around at 240, will be stronger than Jones

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mike Dolce, who was in Brazil this weekend to support clients Vitor Belfort and Nik Lentz was interviewed by about the upcoming Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones light heavyweight championship fight.“

Everybody thinks that Jones is bigger than Sonnen, but that’s not true,” said Dolce. “Sonnen walks at 240 lbs, almost the same as Jones. I’ve never seen Sonnen so strong and motivated in my life, he’s training harder and harder. Chael is an extremely organized and focused guy, he’s ready for the fight and he’s going to be stronger than Jones on the fight day. A lot of people will be surprised.”

“There is still three months before the fight, but Chael is already training the hardest. If Jones is thinking that the fight is going to be easy, he is wrong. I think that Chael will put him down and will show his power in the fight. I expect that.”

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