Dolce: Speed is Belfort’s key to beating Jones

Friday, September 07, 2012

Banking on Speed

The Monday before the fight he’ll probably weigh between 210 and 212. Our goal is to have him at 208. That’s my goal. Anywhere between 208 and 212. We know his body and he performs best right around that 210-pound range. I’m shooting for 208 pounds because he doesn’t have to be BIGGER than Jon Jones – he just needs to be FASTER. He’s faster than Jon at 220. At 208 Vitor is faster than most lightweights. Anyone that has trained with Vitor will tell you that he’s the fastest guy they’ve ever trained with. So we’re going to maximize power, speed and endurance at that body weight.

Some are calling Jones v. Belfort a mismatch. Tell us why they’re wrong?

Look what Vitor did to former world champion Rich Franklin, look what Vitor did to Matt Lindland, who was the best middleweight at one time. Vitor finished Anthony Johnson, who is not as tall as Jon Jones, but almost as long and definitely heavier and more muscular than Jon Jones. Vitor is a finishing machine, he’s a knockout machine, his jiu-jitsu is amazing. I’ve seen Vitor wrestle; he’s got some of the most underrated wrestling in MMA. That’s the Vitor I know.

I saw the odds – 13 to 1 underdog! When I heard about this fight, as soon as Vitor called me I said, ‘You’re going to win this fight! You are perfectly built to knock Jon out.’ Look at Jon Jones versus (Lyoto) Machida. Machida could touch Jones all day with that left hand to the jaw. Vitor is twice as powerful and four times faster than Machida. So if Machida can touch Jones’ jaw, Vitor is going to obliterate it. No disrespect to Jon, it’s just a terrible matchup for Jon Jones. That’s my belief.

Man, I’ve watched Vitor’s entire career … how the heck can you say Vitor is a 13-to-1 underdog against anybody?! It’s ridiculous!! Vitor is healthy, he’s hungry and ready to roll! Man, it’s a bad fight for Jon. I predict Vitor is going to get that light heavyweight title and make history.

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