Don Frye: Brock Lesnar is an embarrasment

Friday, November 19, 2010

On Brock Lesnar

 “We have all had to watch Brock Lesnar fart around. That guy is an embarrassment.”

“God damn, you get to hand pick his opponents for him for awhile then someone who is half way decent athlete comes along and hits him once and he pisses his pants and runs. If he wasn’t in a cage he would still be running.”

“I’d never seen (UFC HW Champ Cain Velasque) fight until he fought that jackass Brock. He doesn’t impress me, you could have sent a cheerleader in there to slap Brock around he’s so afraid of getting hit.”

“The thing is now we’ve got a 240 pound world heavyweight champion so now we are going to have to suffer through another Randy Couture comeback tour. We don’t want to suffer through it again but I’ll bet one thousand dollars Randy can whoop Cain’s ass. Randy can handle anybody that’s 240 pounds.”

“He handled Brock who was 280 at the time. The thing is Randy can’t throw a punch through a wet paper bag, that’s why he didn’t hurt Brock but he can out wrestle Cain all night long.”

On his absence from the UFC Hall of Fam

“I don’t really give that any consideration. That’s none of my business and it’s not my decision. It’s in greater hands than mine lets just put it that way.”

On Todd Duffee recently breaking his Fastest UFC knockout record (it was 8 seconds, now is 7 seconds)


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“Good for him! How long was that thing around, about fourteen years? It’s about time somebody stepped up to the plate.”

He was sure to point out that it was not the fastest ever, recalling a four second KO at K-1 Five. “I remember when I was over there in Japan fighting on a card with Kid Yamamoto. The bell rang and he went flying across the ring and hit the guy with a flying knee and about knocked the guy out of the ring, it was beautiful.”

Frye on modern fighters he respects

“Oh yeah, Mike Brown and Urijah Faber, those two boys get after it. Also Gilbert Melendez, that old boy shows up to fight. He gets in there and mugs somebody.”

On the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

“I’m glad it’s the evolution of the sport. Otherwise we would all be suffering through Keith Hackney vs. that big Sumo player. It’;s supposed to evolve, lets face it if you compare the UFC to NASCAR I was one of the moonshine runners and I’m god damn proud of it.”

“That’s the evolution of the sport, if you don’t advance you get killed.”

On his opponents

“I’ve been lucky, every one of my opponents have been tough. Great opponents make great fights. Nobody I fought was a coward just in there for a paycheck and looking for the door. So I’ve been very lucky to have great opponents every time.”

On his toughest opponent

“That bastard Ken Shamrock, I’m still limping around from that. Tank Abbott knocked me around, I’m still dizzy from that. I had Amaury Bitette, I had Mark Colemen, Takayama. You just can’t pin down one fight.”

“All I know is that Ken Shamrock and I both left something in the ring that night. And neither one of us have been the same since. I don’t know if he will admit it but I’ll admit it.”