Dos Santos: I’m champion without ever having used anything

Friday, April 06, 2012

In a week where Alistair Overeem testing for elevated levels of testosterone, and almost certainly will be refused a license to fight, Junior Dos Santos has taken to twitter and made a firm statement about PEDs, in two languages.

juniorcigano ‏ @junior_cigano
Bom dia a todos!
Good morning everyone

juniorcigano ‏ @junior_cigano
Eu sou profissional e sou campeão sem nunca ter usado d artifícios pra melhor rendimento, quando vcs me vêem lutando aquele sou realmente eu
I am professional and I’m champion without ever having used anything for better performance when you guys see me fighting that’s really me

juniorcigano ‏ @junior_cigano
Sobre oque ouve com o Overrem não sei nada além doque vcs sabem e pra mim isso é entre ele e a comissão atlética de Nevada. Eu sei sobre mim
About what happened to Overrem I don’t know anything more than you guys know and for me It’s between him and the Nevada Athletic Commission

juniorcigano ‏ @junior_cigano
I’m doing my whole training camp to fight against Overrem!

juniorcigano ‏ @junior_cigano
Boa noite a todos
Good night everyone

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This is not the first time Dos Santos has made reference to PEDs. As reported by MMAMania, in April of 2011 he replied to a question about whether he had ever seen anyone taking performance-enhancing drugs in MMA.

“No I’ve never seen (someone taking PEDs). But I think at Heavyweight that happens a lot for sure. When you see people like Alistair Overeem, Brock Lesnar, look at the size of those guys, they’re really big. As Mario (Yamasaki) said, a lot of people use them but a lot of people don’t. I’m someone who has never used (PEDs). I think I came in the good phase of MMA and I’ve never used them.”

For now JDS remains clean and trains as if he is fighting Overeem. Who he ends up fighting is not known at the moment, but fan sentiment is running towards Mark Hunt, a recent rumor says it is Fabricio Werdum, and the odds are here.