Dos Santos has secret techniques for Gonzaga

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabricio Werdum is not very nice

“When Werdum stated that he’d fight me and Brock Lesnar in same night, he was underestimating me. He didn’t greet me when we were in same hotel and when I tried to shake his hand at weigh-ins he avoided me. Afterwards I thought I should never try to shake his hand (laughs).

“Inside the Octagon, seconds before the fight, he tried to pressure me because I was debuting, and in that moment I realized (laughs) that when I’m challenged this way I fight better. When Bruce Buffer said my name and I do my pre-fight ritual of pointing to the ground, Werdum came in my direction, punching his hand, and said, ‘You gonna take a beatdown.’ Nobody saw it. He did that and I said, ‘So come on,’ and walked back to my corner furious, but with a smile on my face. And I felt that when the approach is this way I fight better.”

Stefan Struve is too nice

“During the week I treated him normally; we chatted and had a lunch in the same place, and when he saw me he took pictures. But in the fight, I said ‘Now I won’t be nice.’ He extended his hand, I didn’t tap it. (laughs) Later we’ll chat, now is time to trade punches. He’s a nice guy, dangerous on the ground, however I wasn’t not going to be his friend inside the Octagon (laughs). Let’s fight and become friends only after the fight.”

Gilbert Yvel is not nice at all

“He’s arrogant. I heard the same things that I did before the Mirko fight – ‘Cigano needs to take Yvel down, Cigano needs to take Yvel down.’ Of course I had this plan if I didn’t do well on the feet, but I pushed the pace, stayed comfortable and it resulted in the TKO.’

“People called me arrogant during that fight because I smiled when he landed that high kick. But that was because we trained to defend exactly that combo, a straight and a high kick. I recorded it and he tried it during the fight, so I smiled because his game was just the way we knew it would be, and I asked for more.”

Gabriel Gonzaga is just right for a great fight

“I think my ground is good if you want to know. I train with great guys in the USA too and I’m always learning. This fight is going to be a test for me; I have a chance to surprise people because I believe Napao will try to take me down. There are positions that I developed in secret and if I’ve the chance I won’t waste them.”

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