Dr. Tannure disputes Silva’s ‘inaccurate statements’

Thursday, December 19, 2013

After testing postive for an elevated testerone level, Antonio Silva lashed out at his doctor, whom he claimed gave him the exact instructions he followed leading to the positive. Today Dr. Tannure refuted the claims made by Silva to MMAJunkie:

“Approximately seven to 10 days prior to the bout, Antonio’s primary care physician and I discussed the fact that, in spite of the TRT, his levels continued to be below the therapeutic level,” Tannure stated. “His doctor recommended that Antonio increase the frequency of his dosage of testosterone based on his prior levels, and I was asked to communicate that recommendation to Antonio – which I did via email. I also invited Antonio to contact me if he had any questions.

“Antonio’s primary physician and I agreed that his last injection of testosterone was to be taken on Nov. 30, 2013 – one week prior to his fight. I communicated this to Antonio, as well. That was the extent of my involvement in this matter.”

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