Drysdale: I’m not gonna kiss Silva’s a–

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Robert Drysdale is a highly decorated black belt and undefeated in  his short six fight MMA career. However, now that he’s in the UFC his goal is the same of every UFC middleweight, to win a world title. Right now Anderson Silva sits on the throne and although Drysdale respects the champion, don’t expect to see him treating or talking about the champion better than anyone else:

“I don’t know the guy, to be honest. I don’t know where his animosity toward me comes from. I don’t think about it very much, I don’t care. I tend to be very opinionated and tell people what I think. That upsets a lot of people. Being half Brazilian, I understand Brazilians really well. This whole thing about hierarchy in Brazil, in his head, he ranks above everyone else and because of that, everyone should be kissing his butt.

My world doesn’t function like that. You’re not better than me because you have a UFC belt. I don’t see the world like that so I just wasn’t kissing his butt like he was expecting me to. He’s probably used to that and I can see that upsetting him. From where I stand, I couldn’t care less how many belts he has or how good he is, I’m not going to respect you more or less because of that.”

transcribed by MMAMania.com…