Duffee explains his side of KO loss

Monday, May 31, 2010

From:  Todd Duffee
Posted: 8 hours ago
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 It was on the temple I felt the shot…it just shut down the cns system couldnt use my arms to catch my fall or anything i was watching everything till my head hit the canvas(which may have put me out)i blinked and he hit me with a hammer fist….the way i fell made it look much worse than it was…I wasn’t gassed i was more frustrated and trying to stick to the game plan should of threw that out after the first 30 seconds …my game plan was horrible……i wasn’t snapping punches instead i was muscling them shoudl of kicked should of grappled should of fought….I’ll be back and show I am more than capable of wrestling etc

thanks for the support and thanks to the people who helped me out sorry i let you down it will pay off in the long run