Dustin Hazelett puts MMA careeer on hold for family

Monday, July 25, 2011

“Fighting is a very unstable source of income,” Dustin Hazelett recently told Sherdog.com. “Even though I’m young, I’ve had a long and rough career that took a pretty hard toll on my body.”

“Ever since I tore my ACL, I have been very concerned with getting a career set up so that if, God forbid, I can’t fight anymore, I have a career to go work in,” Hazelett said. “It seems more important now that I’m about to be a father.”

“Right now, I’m working for a private ambulance company (as an EMT). It leaves me a decent amount of time to train, which I really like.”

“I still watch (mixed martial arts)as much as I did last year when I was fighting all the time. I’m still training. I’ve been focusing more on helping my teammates out with preparing for their fights. I really enjoy teaching BJJ. It gives me a chance to help my team as they helped me.

“I’m not planning on fighting until after the baby gets here and I’m able to see how much time I have to train. I want to get into a good parenting rhythm before I try to fight again.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to have more than 24 hours’ growth while I’m working. It sucks. I feel like less of a man, although I have gotten stronger from lifting and carrying people all day.”

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