Early contender for Broken Nose of the Year

Monday, January 06, 2014

A broken nose is a common, nearly unavoidable occurence in combat sports. However, sometimes a thing happens to such a degree it transcends the category.

Such was the case when Andy Eichholz fought Wade Sauer at  Full Nelson Productions: Let ‘er Buck in Pendleton, Oregon.

Sauer knocked out “Ice Cold” Eichholz, very breaking his nose in the process.

Image courtesy of Matt ‘The Law’ Llndland

The nose has inspired a flurry of comments across the Internet, aggregated by The Huffington Post, trying to capture how very broken the nose is:
•”So extremely broken that he could double for a Picasso painting,” said NextImpulseSports.
•”All I can picture is Daffy Duck getting hit so hard his bill ends up on the back of his head,” said a Deadspin comment.
•God, it must be hard to pick that nose,” said some at B/R.

Eichholz now joins a gallant group of very broken noses.

Rich Franklin

Brandon Vera

Charley Lynch

Cung Le

Ryan McGillivray

Craig Ninow

Stil, no matter what happens in the cage, it cannot equal science…