Eddie Bravo details what it takes to make Rubber Guard work in the UFC

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A straightforward question was asked on the UG about the Rubber Guard.

“Will the rubber guard system become increasingly popular in MMA? We’ve seen it utilized effectively in a handful of fights, but will it ever become common?”

Eddie Bravo himself, stepped in to answer.

From: EddieBravo
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How long would it take a fighter with no wrestling experience to hit a double leg takedown in the UFC?

1 year of solid double leg drills? 2 years? IMO it would take at least 4-6 years of solid double leg drills to be able to takedown someone in the UFC nowadays, maybe longer.

The same goes for the rubber guard. Unless you put in a few years of solid rubber guard drills you might never get any rubber guard to work in the UFC.

Why is there only a few UFC fighters able to utalize the RG successfully? (Vinny M, George Sots, Matt Horwich, Dusitn Kimura, Jim Miller, Dustin Hazelett, Jason Day)

Which one of the 2 below statements is true:

1. Every UFC fighter has gone thru at least a few years of intense RG training and only a handful have been able to make it work.

2. Only a handful of UFC fighters have put in the proper amount of RG training in. And that is why only a handful of UFC fighters have had success with it.

Look at what Aoki’s teammate can do with the RG. 

Look at Aoki’s other team mate, Imanari using the rubber guard beautifully to sweep against a BJJ black belt

 Here’s the master himself, Aoki, in a classic rubber guard match against MMA legend Joaquim Hansen.

Even when you don’t get the tap from the rubber guard it still provides way better defense than playing traditional  bjj guard, this is a perfect example of that, Matt Horwich vs Jason McDonald

Here’s one of my purple belts, Alan Jouban. Watch for him, not only does he have sick Jitz but he’s actually even better at muay thai. He came to me 4 years ago a pure muay thai fighter, now he’s a complete machine.

 Wanna see what it looks like when you drill drill drill 10p jiu jitsu?

This is 230 pound 10p brown belt Adam Sachnoff. He just submitted everyone at the ADCC trials, the first gogo of this highlight reel was from the finals against a Ryan Hall black belt.

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