Eddie Bravo lays out his pro marijuana case for BJJ, and life

Monday, October 03, 2011

Weed is medicine in 16 states & counting

From: EddieBravo
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Weed is medicine in 16 states and counting, 17 if you count D.C.

Eventually weed will be legal in all states.

0 people have died from weed overdose.

Weed protects brain cells.

I have said this in interviews before, I think people should smoking weed in their late 20’s – early 30’s.

It’s 2011, there are about a hundred books on the science of weed and it’s all positive. It’s all over the internet too.

People are finally waking up, that’s why state by state they are reversing weed laws.

The greatest martial artist of all time ate weed, the greatest Braziian jiu jitsu master of all time smokes weed, the greatest American jiu jitsu player of all time smokes weed, the best current American jiu jitsu player smokes weed.

I have a son on the way, he’s due in March, I am not gonna lie to him about weed, I’m gonna be honest with him. If you wanna lie to your kids about weed just like the government has been lying to us since the 30’s go right ahead, they’re your kids not mine.

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