Edgar: Diaz will be hard for Henderson to deal with

Friday, August 17, 2012

“If Nate would need my help or would ask for my help, I would love to help him out. We got some work in last time that was really good. If I could help him out, of course I would,” said Edgar in an interview on Sherdog Radio.

As far as how he sees the bout unfolding given his knowledge of both parties, Edgar stopped short of making an actual pick but acknowledged the challenge Henderson is in for later this year.

“I just think that Nate comes forward so much, I don’t know how Ben will deal with that…Nate’s length,” stated Edgar, adding, “He’s got great, great jiu-jitsu. I feel the wrestling edge will probably go to Ben, but if you look at Nate’s last performances, he’s gotten so good everywhere. He fought Jim Miller, and Jim Miller couldn’t take him down. Jim Miller’s a pretty high-level wrestler too. I think Nate’s definitely a great match-up for Ben.”

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