Edgar: I will defeat Charles Oliveira

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

 At UFC 162, Frankie Edgar finds himself in some unfamiliar territory: a three round fight. Edgar hasn’t fought a three round since 2009, having been involved only in title fights. Edgar spoke to UFC.com about the fight and the interview was transcribed by MMAWeekly.com:

“It’s a blessing in disguise, I feel like, coming back to a three-round fight.  It’s going to make me get out of the gun early and make sure, first round, I’m in his face and I’m in the rhythm that I like to be in fourth and fifth (round),” Edgar told UFC.com.

Oliveira (16-3, 1 no contest) has logged submissions in all four of his UFC fights, earning Submission of the Night honors twice.

“He’s tough.  He’s dangerous.  Probably the tallest guy I may have ever fought.  He’s got pretty good Muay Thai.  He mixes it up well with kicks, knees, elbows.  He’s got a slick submission game. He’s willing to go from broke to go for submissions,” said Edgar about his opponent.

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