Elvis: Had 40-50% use of right arm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

prommanow: Hi Elvis. You were all set to face Chris Haseman at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia this past weekend. Apparently you were injured. Can you tell us exactly what happened, how it happened, and why you had to pull out?

Elvis SInosic: I injured my shoulder severely on the weekend during my last sparring session. It was an aggravated injury. As with most fighters you get injuries. During the course of my training camp I received numerous injuries, my shoulder just being one of them. At the time it seemed like the least of my worries among them. In my last sparring session it just escalated to the point that it was too much. I just was not able to use my right shoulder/arm to it’s full ability. After this I went to see my doctor, got scans done, went and saw a specialist. Once I learnt of the extent of the damage I informed the UFC. They arranged their own doctor to look at it, organised for a cortisone shot. The cortisone shot did not help at all sadly. Even their doctor told me that he did not expect the short to help. But it was worth trying.

It turns out that I have a couple of underlying problems with my shoulder. Basically I have tendinitis, bone spurs which have lead to chronic Osteoathritis and on top of that Adhesive Capsulitis, known as “frozen shoulder”. There could also be further damage but I will need an MRI or key hole surgery to determine the full extent. I had a sore shoulder during my camp but never realized the extent of what was wrong. The six-week camp aggravated the injuries and it continued to escalate until the last week where it became unbearable. The specialist informed me that I had about 40-50% use of my right arm.

How serious is the injury, is it a recurring injury, and do you think you will need surgery?

It appears that is an injury that has been with me for a while that has continued to worsen and was severally aggravated by the training camp. The next step is to follow up with my surgeon and look into my surgery options. Apparently, at least from the first consultation, it was quite extensive. I was informed that key hole surgery will alleviate a lot of my problems but not give me one-hundred percent use of the shoulder. Key hole surgery will also help determine the extent of any further damage. I will most likely need a complete shoulder reconstruction, if not now, at least down the track.

Where do you go from here Elvis – are we going to have to wait until the UFC comes back to Australia to see you in the Octagon?

For me it’s back to the daily grind. The next step is to see my specialist and discuss my surgery. I also have some time off which I am looking forward to. This time I’ll get to travel a bit and not have to worry about making weight and pushing my body to its limits. I’m looking forward to lying back on a beach and soaking up some rays.

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