Emanuel Newton bringing God into the cage vs. Muhammed Lawal

Friday, November 01, 2013

Bellator light heavyweight Emanuel Newton fights Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal Saturday night at Belaltor 106, and he believes God is on his side.

“God has been very strong in this camp, in my mind and my way of thinking, especially going against Mo, a prideful, arrogant man,” said Newton, a devout Christian. “It’s everything my God doesn’t stand for, so I’m actually entering to a revelations song. It’s going to be interesting when the fans hear that. But it gets me hyped, and I’m going to need all of God’s love that night.”

“God is not so much a religion for me as a reality. The things that I’ve been through in my life, from my motorcycle accident to the loss of both of my parents, I’ve always been well taken care of. God takes care of the orphans more than he takes care of the normal people.

“I’ve been through a lot of struggles, but it’s all been for a reason: To get me to this point. That’s why I say it’s my time. God chose me that it was my time. I’ve been wondering, ‘I’ve been fighting for 11 years, how come I haven’t made it here yet?’ Because I wasn’t ready for it, mentally, physically, and spiritually. But now I am, and that’s why I’ll have victory on Saturday night.”

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