Enson Inoue refutes details in Way of the Warrior book

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chris Crudelli is a Kung-fu stylist and TV host of several BBC programs, ‘Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves’, ‘Kick Ass Miracles’, ‘Kick Ass in a Crisis’, and perhaps most notably The Way of the Warrior.

The Way of the Warrior was turned into a book by the same name. Originally published in 1995, but updates several times since, the volume surveys martial arts across time and worldwide, from Zulu Stickfighting to Icelandic Glima to Inoue Wrestling from Hawai’i.

Only problem with the last one is that Enson Inoue says it doesn’t exist.


From: Enson Yamato Inoue
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Just saw the book, The Way of The Warrior by Chris Crudelli. Where did he get his information on Egan and I because it’s all incorrect. Egan never fought Randy unless he considers being in the opposite corner fighting him.  So many wrong statements and where did he ever get the Grappling Inoue Wrestling stuff?!  Nothing like that ever existed!  I recall telling him that there was no such thing as “Grappling Inoue Wrestling” i thought he just scratched that section of the book because it was just a rumor but he still wrote it. This is a scam!!!  Why did he insist on deceiving the public?  It makes wonder about all the other claims and credentials and how credible he is on everything else is says.
I didn’t say the things he wanted me to say so he decided to write his own s— despite me telling him it was false.

Here’s his Facebook account. Beware!