Enson Inoue reveals PRIDE had steroid exclusion in contracts

Friday, July 18, 2014

Performance enhancing drugs has been a hot button topic of late in mixed martial arts. Several high profile fighters have test positive for steroids, EOB, and/or performance enhancing drugs. This increased testing and subsequent increased rate of failure has been noticeable in the past few years, but hard core fans have long believed certain athletes have always abused drugs to gain an unfair advantage. Specifically questions about the PRIDE organization have tainted the careers of some of it's most notable athletes.

Today on his Facebook page, former PRIDE fighter and Japanese legend Enson Inoue posted an except from a PRIDE contract, outlining that steroids were indeed not an issue for fighting in that organization:

Illegal Use of Narcoties: Fighter agrees to be test, immediately following the fight of each event, to confirm the freedom from use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and barbiturates. Should the test result be positive, then, Fighter shall forfeit all amounts payable under this Agreement. Performance enhancing stimulants of steroid based family are specifically excluded from the scope of the test.

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