Enson Inoue reveals covert trips to nuclear power plant

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Speaking exclusively with MMA Fighting, Enson Inoue describes his journey directly into the highly radioactive Fukushima evacuation zone and his covert visit to the the heavily damaged Fukushima power plants

MMA Fighting: How many times have you been to the Tohoku region now?

Enson Inoue: Nine times. Nine times already.

How have you seen things progress since you’ve been up working up there? What is happening with the people in the evacuation centers?

The last time I went to Fukushima prefecture and everyone was starting to move into the temporary housing. They are given these temporary houses and allowed to stay there for up to two years. They are free but the problem is that the moment they leave the evacuation centers, they are being cut off from most of the aid. A lot of people need support though so basically, they don’t want to leave.

The evacuation centers are short staffed though and they need to get the people out of there so they are doing things to make it less comfortable – turning the lights out super early for example. That caused a lot of big fights of course, so now people are just leaving.

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