Epic MMA gif gallery

Monday, September 02, 2013

Sir Winston Churchill said famously that “History is written by the victors.” In MMA, maybe it is written by the gifs. The most compelling moments in the sport, ones talked and written about for years, can be captured in ways not available to Churchill.

Churchill loved a fight, and doubtless would have loved MMA, too:
The matrix


Air Hendo

Gratutitous sex

Hair apparent

Bonellowned by Ninja

You called me a what??!?

Don’t call it a comeback…

Silva practiced that one with his wife and a couch cushion. True story.

Backwards KO – Ali could do it, and Liddel too, but no one does it quite like AS.

Terrifying souplesse.

KO of the Year 2009

Renzo vs. Oleg

The Axe Murderer knees Rampage into Bolivian.

BJ Penn ready to just scrap.

Right leg, hospital; left leg… wait, whose??!?

O’Sensei Seagan taught him that.

Best KO in TUF history.

Someone took their red pill.

Gina approves of this thread.

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