Erick Silva health fine, cleared to fly home

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Despite receiving three brutal liver shots, Matt Brown broke Erick Silva's will Saturday night. Silva's will however was immense, and in order to break it, Brown had to deliver an immense amount of punishment.

“It was a pretty amazing performance on his part too,” said Brown post fight. “At least in terms of catching me cold and putting me down and being able to withstand more punishment than anyone’s withstood from me before.”

As Brown had his arms raised, Silva lay motionless on the ground.

As fans filtered out of the arena, Silva was carried out on a stretcher.

At the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said Brown had been transported to the hospital, and there were concerns about a possible concussion and broken jaw.

However, White tweeted good news in the early morning hours.

Dana White @danawhite
Erick Silva came back with a clean bill of health and can fly home 2 morrow!!! 🙂

In an interview with MMAFighting, Silva's manager Wallid Ismail reiterated that the fighter was fine.

“No fractures, nothing at all,” said Ismail. “He just got some stitches in the forehead, but the rest is fine. He walked out of the hospital on his own. He was just exhausted after the fight.”

“He almost knocked him out, but he came back impressively and won the fight. MMA is so exciting.”

Is is often the case with mainstream media and mixed martial arts, they got it wrong. At 11:30 am Sunday the AP sent out a release saying that “A mixed martial arts fighter was taken out on a stretcher at the end of a Saturday night fight and then to a Cincinnati hospital for evaluation.”

On Monday afternoon the mainstream media was still publishing the long outdated news.