Erin Toughill reportedly calls out Amanda Lucas, dubs her “The Hut”

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Attn Amanda Lucas: from Erin Toughill

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Erin sends her regards to the UG. And a message for Amanda “The Hut” Lucas.

“Amanda Lucas has been running her mouth as well as stuffing food in it. this chick won’t fight me bc she says I cannot make 155 lb, even though my last several fights were 160, 150, 148 and 145, respectively. Amanda claims she’s dropping to 145 lb division, but clearly, it must be the 145 KG DIVISION. Lucas, if you don’t wanna fight so you can hold onto your padded record, fine, but you even mentioning MY weight when you are bigger than Mike Pyle and Forrest Griffin, is HILARIOUS. Im 165 right now…you are a fraud and will never step up *we know this*, but for love of God, stop spending so much time in cyber space and spend more time losing weight and eating right and training. The standards for what a “pro athlete” are nowadays has all but disappeared. MMA IS AWESOME LOL”

So there.. The gauntlet’s thrown.

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