Esparza disputes Angela Magana acount of fight-cancelling car accident

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carla Esparza and Angela Magana were scheduled to fight for a 115-pound women’s title bout at Pandemonium 6 on March 3, 2012 in Riverside, California.

Magana dropped out of the contest on the day of the fight, citing a car accident and subsequent hospitalization. It would have been little more than an unfortunate footnote, except that Esparza, now the Invicta FC strawweight champion, says flatly that the accident never happened.

A second accident, one year and one week later on March 9 in Kingman, Arizona once again forced Magana off a championship fight, this time for the Xtreme Fighting Championships.

Both fighters came on the UG and offered their side of what happened.

Here we go. The accident i got into before esparza fight was day of fight. I didnt brake my back i had nerve damage that kept me in the hospital 4 days and a 30k hospital bill, hardly anything I can fake. I take much humor in knowing that Esparza is soooo full of shit and herself that she would make up lies and claims because im afraid hahahaha. We had a lil convo on twitter recently and now I hear the reason i “faked” the accident was i was on roids and afraid to get tested , thats a huge compliment for me. I look so ripped and cut that i look like i do roids! i thanked her for that. I hardly steped on the mat 3 weeks later it was over 10 weeks n my first time being on the mat since before accident. I BROKE MY BACK IN 07 FALLING 3 STORIES. i then took a fight while still in bodycast and fought 5 weeks out of it. Esparza can say whatever lies she wants i know the truth and thats all that matters. I have never ducked anything or anyone. As a journalist who wants success id think getting both sides would be prudent to journalism. still laughing at the 3 weeks comment.

thank you for your get well wishes 😉

From: CarlaEsparza
Let’s just say a fan did a little research, no accident around the day or time occurred anywhere near where/when you claimed it did. No evidence of a police report, pictures of the damaged vehicle ever arose. You claimed you had a “broken L2, but no nerve damage”(taken from your March 3, 2012 fb post). SO plain and simple, you are a liar.
And yes, you are right, your wrestling tournament in which you took 1st place, took place 6 weeks after your supposed March 3rd car accident. Must have been because you still had one more fight to flake out of, your March 30th fight with Tara Larosa. You have “injured out” of more fights then anyone in wmma history, against top notch opponents like: Megumi Fuji, Rosi Sexton, me, Tara Larosa, Eggink, the list goes on.
And yes, you were possibly scared of me, the drug test, or some other thing, I refuse to try and figure you and your reasoning out.  The commission made a big deal announcing “everyone will be tested tomorrow, if you do not show up for ANY reason, your license will be revoked.” You just went on a little ride the morning of your fight, didn’t tell anyone, and you were magically in the hospital.
I do not hate you or have ill will against you Angela, I just do not respect you. And don’t bother calling me out, I’m the one who showed up on March 3rd 2012 ready to fight, not you.