Estima: I would like to fight Diaz in MMA

Monday, May 14, 2012

in·san·i·ty in?sanit?/
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

On Saturday, Nick Diaz failed to show at a scheduled grappling superfight vs. multiple time world champion Braulio ‘Carcará’ Estima at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, Calif. Estima, who flew in from his homebase in the UK, was pissed.

Estima picked up the microphone and challenged Diaz to meet him in MMA, as Diaz apparently wouldn’t meet him on the grappling mats. As Estima has yet to fight in MMA, the possibility seems unlikely.

Unfortunately the so expected super fight Estima vs Diaz didn’t happened. I’m very sad as I did everything possible for it to happen. I weighed in at 180lbs this morning at 10 am as agreed and asked to see nicks weighing too but I was informed by Cesar his Coach that he was 180lbs in the previous night and that he ate and is over 180lbs even though I just let it go an still showed up to fight. What pisses me off the most is that he was telling he was going to give his purse to charity for the childrens hospital and than don’t show up. What kind of person is that. Shame. Ps. I’m sorry for all the ones who stayed up to watch this fight but I’m sure the prelims fights was amazing. Thank u all for the support aways 

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In a video interview with MMAFighting, Estima went further.

“It’s understandable that he’d run away. I would like to fight him in MMA. And I’ll make sure that I’ll be there.”

“Hey Nick, I gave up a lot of things to make this happen. I came here to fight. You said you were going to give all this to charity. I’m here now. You let everyone down, let me down. I think this is very disrespectful; I didn’t expect that from him.”

“He has a problem, he has a social issue. It’s not the first time he did this … This is not letting me down, this is letting the kids down. This is out of order.”

“When you make an announcement that you’re going to fight for charity and you don’t show up, what the hell is going on? … It’s not about showbiz. It’s about being a good person.”

In an further odd moment, what is reportedly Nick Diaz’s YouTube account “liked” this video shortly after it went up.

Estima expanded on the remarks pointedly in an interview with Tatame magazine.

“(The challenge) It was for real. I fight him next week if he’s up to it. But I guess he would run away either way”, shoot the BJJ black belt. “I guess he wouldn’t show up again.”

“I could’ve sworn I saw him (on Saturday) giving out autographs. Maybe it was Nate Diaz (Nick’s brother). But, in my mind, I saw him, so I was willing to fight alright”.

“I guess he was scared I would submit him because I told in earlier interviews I would try to do that, so he didn’t want to be submitted for the first time in his career”.

Estima waiting on the mats for Diaz.

Challenging Diaz on the mic.

Diaz’s trainer, manager and mentor Cesar Gracie offered a little in the way of explanation.

“I don’t know,” Gracie said. “I know he was mad when he was told Braulio would not make weight last night. No one has seen him today. Braulio ended up making weight this morning.”

Nick’s brother Nate offered similar words, via Twitter. “Braulio didn’t show up on weight the day of weigh ins knowing he had pull? Wtf”

A Facebook fan page with over 50,000 follower purportedly representing the Diaz brothers went further. “Promoter fails to donate the money to charity as agreed. (shady) Promoter changes rules for weigh ins to accommodate fellow Brazilian. Match ain’t happening.”

Reports said Estima, who arrived in California over a four day trek from a training camp in Thailand by way of the UK, was 189 pounds on Friday.

Estima initially told officials he would not be able to make the agreed upon weight of 180. The Diaz camp then reportedly agreed to a higher weight of 185 on Saturday. Ultimately Estima made 180 on Saturday morning, in front of Lana (Stefanec?), who he considered to be a representative of the Diaz camp.

Due to the language barrier, it was initially reported that Estima has said Honda Housey was the witness, something she naturally denied, vehemently.

Estima further stated that called Gracie and asked Diaz to show at the weigh in too, but was informed by Cesar that Diaz had made weight the previous night, and thus would not be weighing in Saturday morning.

BJJ star Robert Drysdale offered to take Diaz’s place, but Estima declined the match. Drysdale walks around at 210-215, far heavier than Estima.

MiddleEasy’s LayzieTheSavage is reporting via Twitter that the charity will be paid: “Nick Diaz will be paying the promised donation to St. Judes fund out of pocket”

The Gracie camp has announced they will release a statement on Monday.