Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos resigns from Strikeforce

Thursday, August 30, 2012

“I resigned, quit Strikefroce because I signed a six-fight two-year contract. They gave me two fights and it’s been a year I haven’t fought. I can’t live like this, spending a year on the ‘fridge’. There’re events all over the world. People who know me know I like to be active. Since September 2011 I haven’t fought. I can’t do it. Together with my manager, Rudimar (Fedrigo), I’ve sent a letter asking for Strikeforce to release me and they did”.

Almost a year after his last fight, Cyborg Santos explained he depends on fighting to put food on the table and that he needs to fight to keep in shape.

“I lost speed. It’s like playing soccer. You gotta keep playing it. A fighter’s source of money is the money he makes from fighting. If he doesn’t fight he doesn’t make money and doesn’t pay the bills. Everybody has family and their appointments. You can be better than your opponent, but if you fight a guy who’s coming from a three-fight row it’s gonna be a big difference”

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