Evans off UFC 170 co-main vs. Cormier, replaced by newcomer Pat Cummins

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rashad Evans has injured his knee and is out of the co-main-event fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 170.

Chael Sonnen offered to finish shooting TUF on the 18th, arrive in Las Vegas on the 19th, and fight Cormier on the 22nd.

Chael Sonnen @sonnench
@dc_mma I haven't been crazy about you attitude as of late. Daddy ain't ready, but he's ready enough. Feb 22 just say my name

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan appeared on FOX Sports Live, and respectfully stated why Cormier vs. Sonnen would not be a great fight for UFC 170.

“No, I don't need to see that,” says Rogan bluntly, as transcribed by MMAFighting. “I think if Chael was going to fight him I'd like to see him go through a full camp… Although I love Chael, it doesn't make that much sense, especially after Rashad Evans destroyed him. Rashad Evans was his opponent. For him to step in it really doesn't make that much sense.

“Who's he going to fight? Well, there's a lot of great fighters at light heavyweight. The real issue is who is he going to fight on such short notice. I don't think anybody. I think they're going to scrap the fight. I think they're going to scrap the fight and Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia moves up to co-main.”

In an interview with Ariel Helwani shortly after the news broke, Cormier said he would gladly fight Sonnen, or anyone.

“I saw on Twitter that Chael wants to fight,” said Cormier. “Ok, let Chael fight. Anthony Johnson fought a couple of weeks ago, he's still in shape. Let him fight. Or if there's a heavyweight. I'll fight at heavyweight. There's somebody out there.”

“I'd fight Chael in a heartbeat. I'd fight Anthony Johnson in a heartbeat. I'd fight any of those guys. There's somebody out there who wants to fight. Line 'em up. Then Rashad and I will fight later and that won't bother me. I just want to fight now. I just don't want this work to be for nothing. There's somebody out there that wants to fight.”

“If Chael wants to fight, let him fight. If he says he wants to fight, let him fight. It's just such a tricky situation with my situation. I guess I can't just fight anybody.”

“I hope they can do something. I hope they can find somebody that says OK. Roy Nelson lives in Vegas. He said he didn't like the way I fought last time. Maybe I'll fight him differently this time. Anybody.”

Among those agreeing to step up was undefeated former collegiate wrestling standout Patrick “Durkin” Cummins, who came on the UnderGround with his desire.

I'll fight DC
From: Official Durkin
We both come from wrestling backgrounds and were on the National Team together.
I'm ready

Now Cormier's pleas have been answered as UFC president Dana White tweeted that Cummins will indeed fight Cormier on just over a week's notice.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Former 2x all American, US National and undefeated fighter, Patrick Cummins will face the Undefeated Daniel Cormier.