Eye vs. Kaufman 2: The bitter Twitter battle

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jessica Eye was awarded a controversial split decision over Sarah Kaufman at UFC 166 in October. Then the bout was declared a No Contest when trace elements of marijuana were found in Eye's post fight blood test.

The pair have each sparred some in the cage of popular opinion over who won the fight, and it restarted when an egg named Jay said that Kaufman should be calling out Cat Zingano or Sara McMann, not Miesha Tate.

Jay ‏@jisthrough2
@jessicaevileye @mmasarah wants to fight @MieshaTate , don't u think that a bully move? She should want to fight you, Cat or Mcmann!

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
ill fight who ever I already won again Sarah

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
so your so corny Sarah.U didn't win and just cause u find one article that favors y .Ur a loser at heart

Miesha Tate @MieshaTate
great fight and you won Jess, let the haters hate!

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
interesting that this is what you respond to. You publicly call me out then seemingly run away

Julian Lara ‏@Tetralexicon
Whoa. Jess can get pretty mean. This is like Road To The Octagon material. Make it a trilogy, y'all!

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
she is pretty quick to get heated. And she was the one who failed the drug test then lied

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
•lol your caddy person 😉 I am sorry your so bored in life.

•you lack of class & your a has been champion who try to make herself relevant by start bullshit.
•it was a close fight accept it were I won. here at Least you won this. #soreloser

When people hear Sarah Kaufman crying about losing to me .. We all go

#whocare #youlost #eyewin

Sam Smith ‏@spiderlegs2
@mmasarah @MieshaTate ok ladies, we need to let @ufc @danawhite and Mr. Sean Shelby know it's time for a rematch!! #MakeItHappen

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
There are million pretty faces In this world,but only few beautiful personality.

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
you crazy snag you tweeted me and tagged me. Stop tweeting me and train

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
what's a snag?

mma genius ‏@mmagenius05
Orite ive watched this @jessicaevileye vs @mmasarah fight atleast 5 times, gonna watch it again for the last time and see who i think won.

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
me I landed Elbow kicks head movement . She had one shot on third big whoop

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
if you're talking who hit whom, look at the stats lol

Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye
how many knee did you throw ? How many elbows you throw ? How many times did you hold me on cage . Ohh wait u didn't

Sarah Kaufman